We love your basics, will you be releasing anything else?!
Our capsule collection was designed to celebrate the basics. Our simple designs and bold colours ensure that our garments are something you can wear again and again! 

Does the fabric hold its shape after multiple washes and wears?
We design our pieces to last but like all nylon/elastane blends, the integrity of your leggings depends entirely on the care. Cold hand washing your garment and laying it flat to dry in the shade will prolong its life and help ensure it retains its shape. Regularly washing your tights in hot washes or hanging them on the line in the sun will slowly break down the elastane causing them to stretch & eventually lose shape.

You currently only cater to size L, will you be expanding to larger sizes?
All good things take time. Our signature design has been developed to flatter every shape and as we grow as a company we will expand our size range to cater for all women.

Is your sizing true to size? 

We have worked hard to create garments with accurate sizing. However, the Australian size standard is not a great source of truth (have you ever gone shopping and realised you are one size in one shop and a different size in another?). We recommend referring to our size chart for reference. If you are still unsure, try checking the measurements of something that you already own and love and then cross-reference those measurements with ours. 

How do your care instructions differ from other activewear? 
Contrary to most care labels, all activewear should be cared for in the same way - a cold hand wash. If you are time poor like the majority of us, a cold delicate wash will suffice as long as the garment is washed in a special wash bag that collects microfibres. You can learn more about micro fibres here

What is the lifespan of your product considering activewear needs to be washed regularly? 
We are yet to truly know the longevity of our product so we won't make any false promises. We can say this; there is no difference in the quality of recycled nylon compared to virgin nylon. We have employed the very best manufacturing and stitch techniques to ensure we deliver a high-quality, lasting product. 

Are they comfy....are they squat proof? 
Yes and yes! Squat with ease friends 😉!